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Winners of the Bend Venture Conference Announced

QuakeWarn was honored to be a part of the entire Bend Venture Conference process, including Pub Talk and the BVC itself. It was great getting to know the founders of the other companies involved, meeting the pitch coaches, staff of Economic development Central Oregon (EDCO), and consulting with the great team over at E::Space Labs, and meeting a lot of investors and interested parties at the various events related to the conference.  But I know what you really wanted to know was, did QuakeWarn win the Early Stage competition?

No, QuakeWarn wasn’t the big winner, but we had a great time and are looking forward to continuing development of the QuakeWarn system. Our plan is the same as it was before, we are going to continue deploying more seismic sensors along the coast of the Pacific Northwest, as well as a secondary layer of sensors slightly inland (such as along the I-5 corridor). We’re also going to continue development of the iOS and Android applications that will deliver the notifications to your mobile devices and allow you to subscribe to the alerts.

Want to help with the process? Have any questions about the system? Send us an email at info@quakewarn.com and we’ll get a reply back to you quickly. If you want to follow along on the process we make be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter at QuakeWarn.com and you’ll be notified as soon as we are ready for your subscriptions.

But on to the reason for the title of the post! The winners of the $15,000 BendBroadband Business Early Stage competition was SnoPlanks! They did a great job presenting and have a really neat line of products, definitely go check them out if you’re interested in bamboo snowboards and skis!  You can read more about the other winners of the Bend Venture Conference on the KTVZ article on the winners.

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